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w is election day and i live in a non-swing state. so should i consider voting for a third-party candidate, one far more progressive? well, whether i should have or not, i definitely considered it. but then i decided i am going to vote for president obama. now, what are the top five reasons to vote for him? number one, supreme court.
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he has been excellent on that. two progressive justices and makes all the difference. not just in rowe vs. wade which is very real that i could be gone if we elect one more republican, but also on issues like citizens united, very important to have progressive rather than right wingers on the supreme court. and then i put deregulation disaster as number two and i'll tell you why. if you deregulate the banks anymore or if you don't regulate them as much as we have to, they will collapse the economy. there is no question about that. they might collapse it under president obama. he's not regulating them enough. but under romney, it would be a near guarantee. number three is income inequality. again, not just because it's grossly unfair and the giant tax cuts for the rich, it endangers the economy. every time we have economy this high we have a massive crash as in the great depression and in 2008. then the deficit people don't mention that but the
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republicans are horrible with the deficit! all they do is they add and add! look at romney's plan! the tax cuts are so gigantic it would cripple our budget and add so much to the deficit! and i'm actually, in that sense a hawk, a conservative on the deficit, so i would never want to elect a republican on that basis and, by the way as you saw number 5 there, another war in the middle east. no interest in that whatsoever. that was one of the top reasons that i couldn't wait to get bush and cheney out of office because i was so afraid they were going to launch that war against iran any minute. then there is the issue, of course of mitt romney. how do you vote for this loathesome character? lie after lie! one of the most disingenuous guys i've ever seen, a total and utter corporate roll bond. a guy who placed his fidelity to donors. it's go desk. we've just hit the tip of the iceberg in collecting some of
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the inbelievable moments in his campaign. >> he said he would cut the debt in half if he became president. instead he disabled it. so he raised taxes on companies as opposed to lower them. went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks and they brought us binders full of women. under president obama we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs. there is only one president that i know of in this country that robbed medicare $716 billion. i put an op ed in the paper and said absolutely not don't write a check for $50 billion. in these documents, a goth r government bail-out check was cashed by none other than romney. this under his presidency, the rate of new regulation introduction tripled. >> i will not have a plan that lowers share paid by higher income folks or raises tax on
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millions of americans. 47% believe they're victims who believe that the government has the responsibility to care for them. if you look at all the businesses we invested in, over 100 different businesses, they added tens of thousands of jobs. i know that i pay a very substantial amount of taxes and every year since the beginning of my career, as far as i can recall. >> i love that "as far as i can recall see line. here he is in cleveland ohio. >> -- to drill on federal lands and federal waters -- [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, i represent the oil companies! so the more you see mitt romney, the more you dislike them. a bit of a no-brainer, obviously. my two favorites were him saying president obama has doubled the deficit, which is just a lie. it's an unmitigated unbelievable lie and he says it over and over again. and then when he says he won't cut taxes for the rich, it amuses me every single time.
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you already handed in your plan. we see the plan. it's giant tax cuts for the rich! all right, i'm going to bring everybody else in here. ana, j.r. and michael. ana, who are you voting. >> stein. i'm in florida and i can vote without wore ring about splitting the vote and i feel like i'm being honest to myself when i vote for somebody who stands for the same ideology i believe in. keeping the schools public. she's focused on environmental issues. she recently got arrested for protesting the xo keystone pipeline. she's exactly what i would want to think of as a president. unfortunately we don't take third-party candidates seriously so if you're in a swing state you can't vote for her. >> if you were in ohio you wouldn't vote for her? >> i wouldn't because, under our
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current system, we would split the vote and make it more likely romney gets elected and that would be a complete nightmare. >> jarar, you live in california as we all do, are you going to vote for president obama? >> yeah, i'm sticking the same way. it's one of the situations where i can say the other side, but we still get a chance to see about another term. because personally, my biggest beef for the first four years for obama's presidency was this capitulation this worry about looking bipartisan and trying to be so good to the other side that's blatantly and purposely trying to derail everything he does, i think he will have a chance and have more thought process of changing things than worry about getting reelected. >> they never do that. in my experience, that second-term hope is always -- it never happens. they always do the same exact
4:35 pm
thing they did in the first. >> i like jayar brought that up. for me, i was such a staunch supporter of obama and i was out there talking to my friends about it, being so supportive of him, and i feel like, at the end, it was embarrassing that i voted for someone who didn't keep all the promises he made during his campaign. i know it's impossible for a continue do do that, but, at the same time, he let us down on a lot of different issues especially when it comes to corporate welfare. >> quick michael. >> i'm really excited to reelect the president tomorrow, to vote for the president. i wouldn't think about a second about voting for jill stein. i think the president has been a pretty good president. you know i came to him late. i was a biden a hillary guy then finally what was i left with and i think he's done a good job. there are places where i have problems with him but i look at your in your opinion one cenk,
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the supreme court. if this next president has to replace any justices, i want it to be barack obama. >> jill stein is actually to the left of me and that's why i would have voted for rocky anderson if it i was just voting on best policies. but i thought i would have to be intellectually honest and said if i would have voted for obama if i lived in a swing state, i should vote for him here, then you fight for justice in the long term in many different ways. but right now you've got to choose between obama and romney. that's the reality. and i obviously choose obama over romney, who would be a complete and obvious disaster. all right now when we come back we're going to talk about states. chris murphy running for senator in connecticut. we'll talk to him about his race and how are the races all across the country going for democrats. the answer is surprisingly well. let us show you when we return. ed. >> i'm supporting president
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obama and linda mcmann. >> i support barack obama this year. >> i'm voting for president obama and linda mcmann for senator on the independent line.
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which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> all right, so how are the democrats doing in the non-presidential races, in the senate races? well almost shockingly well. let me show you massachusetts first. now, this, of course, is the famous brown-warren race. there is elizabeth warren with a sizable lead. that's real clear politics, a combination of the polls more than likely to be true. she's over 50% there and has over 3.5 points or exactly 3.5 points on scott brown. then you go to missouri where we had todd akin and he used to be leading but no more. latest poll by public policy polling has him down by 4 points. democratic claire mccaskill leading there. in indiana returned hour dock made outrageous comments about rape and how god intended it. he had the lead and lost it.
4:41 pm
joe donnelly the democrat leading 45-42. then nevada, there the republicans are still leading but berkeley is closing in on dean heller, 2 points behind. even there they're not comfortable. in montana, john tester has retaken the lead 48-46 over dan imr rehberg so the democrats democrats might hold on to that seat and in bibi tammy baldwin with a significant lead over tommy thompson. these days, 3 points is significant and i've seen more polls where she's more comfortable. when you look at all that you go damn! might not only the democrats lose seats they might gain seats in the senate. which leads us to connecticut where we had joe lieberman retiring so-called democrat, and chris mcmurphy, real democrat running against linda mcmann. linda mcmann said it's tough trying to run as a republican in connecticut so let's deceive
4:42 pm
people to think i'm running on the same ticket as president obama. >> i'm supporting linda mcmann and barack obama. >> i'm voting for barack obama and linda mcmann on the independent line. >> i'm voting for president obama and linda mcmann. >> almost everyone in that is black. hilarious. nonsense hasn't worked. chris murphy leading 52 to 43, a sizele lead in connecticut according to the latest poll. and chris murphy joins us now. congressman murphy, thanks for coming on "the young turks." this will be the same tradition he has come on before every election he has won to "the young turks" no matter where wear are. congressman murphy, how does this stand? >> first of all, not really a superstitious guy except on elections. i've worn the same suit on every election day since i ran for state representative when i was 25 years old and now i've got to come on "the young turks." this is good karma.
4:43 pm
[ laughter ] it feels good. it's clear linda mcmann is grasping for straus now. that ad is ridiculous and people see it as that. when she was asked a day or two after that ad, name one thing that you agree with president obama on, and her answer was -- next question. this is a candidate who is going to fight president obama on everything. but when you're down in the polls, those are the kind of ads you run. we think we'll have a big victory here tomorrow and we're excited about it. >> now when it comes to the point of deception of the republicans, which she has said she's obviously endorsing romney, voting for romney. in fact, her and her husband have given over $100,000 to romney's campaign, but this year in ads people say i'm voting for linda mcmann and president obama. so they've got nothing especially in a state like connecticut. if people are so undecided in connecticut, what is the one thing that makes the biggest
4:44 pm
difference between you and linda mcmann? >> well, i think we're right now in a fight for the future of the middle class. it used to be when republicans ran in connecticut they had some level of independence from the national republican party. not so here. linda mcmann said she'd privatize medicare, end social security if she had the chance, that she would side with the war on contraception, and i think the big issue here is that, you know i'm fighting for the middle class. i want middle class tax cuts. i want to preserve social security and medicare. i want to make sure we end the outsourcing of our jobs and mcmann as shown no willingness to break away from the tea party orthodox in washington and that's really upsetting to people. so i think when undecided voters are making up their mind, they shouldn't believe mcmann when she says she's an independent voice. they should look at what she actually stands for and she is in lock step with the tea party and in some instances further to the right of them. so that's what's going on here in connecticut. i think people are waking up to
4:45 pm
the reality that linda mcmann could be the 51st vote for a very destructive republican majority in the united states senate and they don't want to be a party to that in this state. >> and you're not going to follow the tradition of joe lieberman in terms of democrats from connecticut right? >> senator lieberman and i have add differences over the years whether it be on our positions on healthcare or the war i'm going to cut my own path. >> chris murphy. we appreciate it. we'll see how it turns out for you in the election tomorrow. all right. now, when we come back, we've got predictions very specific predictions. how many electoral votes, how many states will the democrats win and your memory, of course, some of those predictions don't turn out as we want. >> i'm going to be the nominee. >> you are? >> i'm going to be the no, nominee. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my
4:46 pm
show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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here's the fun part of the show where we do predictions before the election. whether real predictions combination of polls real politics et cetera but we will be pundits here and call things from our gut! michael shure joins us from the war room where he has his political map. michael, which swing states are you putting in president obama's camp? >> we both have serious guts, cenk. so these should be serious bring dictions. giving president virginia, ohio,
4:50 pm
wisconsin, nevada, mitt romney the state of colorado and the state of north carolina and my little out on the limb here because of the resent trends that are happening in the past few days in the polling i'm actually going to give the president to win florida again around. >> that's pretty bold, man. that's 323 electoral votes. so you're putting 323 on the map for obama. that will be a crushing victory. >> it would be a big victory. 323 to 215. actually, i think the one that i'm sort of the most tentative would be florida, but i actually think now after looking at a lot of the polls that it's a chance worth taking. >> all right now i'm going for president obama pennsylvania, which is obvious. i think he's going to win wisconsin, ohio, nevada and iowa, i think he has a comfortable lead in there. new hampshire, i think he has a lead in. i don't think that's controversial.
4:51 pm
i think president obama has a decent shot at winning colorado. i'm going to give him colorado. but i take away virginia and florida. so when you do that and switch that up, there you go. >> you're at 290 cenk. >> i'm at 290. i'm surprisingly conservative here. i think the range is anywhere from 277 jong 277, i don't think less than that, to 323, which is your prediction. but i'm kind of in the middle at 290. again, on this, you shouldn't trust my gut that's ridiculous. you should look at the polling. as you say, he is surging in florida. we'll see how it turns out. on the other hand, what goes into my gut is the voter intimidation suppression validation issues, et cetera, we have been looking at. we're not making it up out of nowhere. when you look at the senate races, i'll be bolder and think democrats will do better there. i think that the -- in the senate they're going to pick up
4:52 pm
seats. they will be at 55, michael. what do you think? >> cenk, i'm actually joining less. that is my ceiling. one thing to keep in mind when you talk about the senate, the democrats had 21 seats and two independent seats that they caucus with that were up for reelection. the republicans 10. so you would think that, at some point, that a victory would be just staying the same, which is what the 53-47 i predict dictates. however, there are a couple of senate races that could go in a different direction making 55 not out of range so i think it's a good, bold call. >> i think they're leading basically, already in 54 -- in enough races where they would win 54. i'm being bold by saying they might win in north dakota or nevada and one of these states where they're not currently leading, and i believe angus king in maine will caucus with the democrats and puts them at 55. if you're right about the
4:53 pm
electoral map and i'm right about the senate then the story will be, on wednesday my god in what we thought was a close race, here the democrats actually did stunningly well. >> and, my god people should watch "the young turks," is the other story that would come out of that. >> i like that story. thank you michael. when we come back, republicans sensing they might be in a little bit of trouble throwing elbows around. that's going to be fun. of course, at each other.
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back on "the young turks." one day away from the election and the republicans might be feeling like, oh, we might not pull this thing out so they've sharpened their elbows for each other. first, paul ryan's people putting out an article about hey, even if they lose, paul ryan's got a lot of possibilities! in fact, a quote from the governor of ohio, john kasich, and he referred to governor ryan... and they talked about
4:56 pm
how ryan might run in 2016 even if they lose. there is a lot of "if they loses" on there. so it appears ryan miff thrown romney in the ring. hold on! i'm just going to climb on top of here and see! in other words don't worry about romney, even if we lose, i've got in thing covered. apparently the romney people didn't like that so much. they leak an article to political about, you know what? ryan wasn't even our first pick, we were thinking of going with chris christie. here's a quote from that article, "the strong internal number for christie and romney's initial instinct to pick him reflects how conflicted the nominee remained about choosing a runningmate till the end of the process." in other words, ryan get in the middle of the ring and see how
4:57 pm
that works for ya. oh yeah! you're dealing with a big guys! yeah! but, you know what? in the same article they had to say, by the way we don't like what christie did last week, embasing obama like that. so they have this quote... so big guy go ahead! step into the ring! they've got one elbow for you too! all that stuff you did to endorse and help us, doesn't matter. you blew it in the last week. won't be forgotten! can't wait for this election. see you tomorrow. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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